Thursday, 4 February 2010

Goodbye Blogger

2010 has brought a few changes. I'm now a freelance software engineer with my own company, 1011 Ltd, based in London. This is also ideal opportunity to do something I've been planning for a while - stop using Blogger.

Blogger used to be fine, but it just hasn't kept up. Wordpress, for example, (and there are plenty of others) offers so much more in terms of usability, customizability and administration. Some real pain points for me are:

  • In Blogger you have to work with a minuscule editing window that you cannot enlarge. Wordpress has a fullscreen mode.
  • You can download and install Wordpress to your own domain, even modify it as you like, and have ownership of all your posts.
  • Blogger has doesn't have proper previews using the blog template, whereas the preview in Wordpress is an actual preview.
  • At this very moment the image feature is broken
  • The html in uneditable

It feels to me like Google bought Blogger and then just stop working on it. A bit like Microsoft disbanding the IE team in 2004.

Find me at my new blog,

[Update: And as you can see, the Spam protection is woeful]