Monday, 1 October 2007

Eclipse RCP - Where are my errors?

By default, Eclipse swallows up most error messages and exceptions generated by the platform. During development though, it is advisable to enable the console log so the errors messages and exceptions can be seen. To enable the console log, “-consoleLog” should be added to the program arguments of the run configuration:

For each configuration, the program arguments can be changed via the "Arguments" tab on the Run dialog, accessible via the “Run…” menu or the run icon. You should add this for each run configuration.

That's it! The bad news is that now you'll see the nasty errors and exceptions that your application is generating. The good news is that that you're aware of them, you'll be able to track them down, fix them, and improve the quality of your product...

Hello the Camp

As an inaugural post I'll describe what is likely to happen here. This blog will contain entries on my professional work at Zuhlke Engineering, where I'm currently working on an Eclipse RCP project. I'll be contributing some knowledge back to the community, mostly simple how-to's and pitfalls of the framework.